Work Packages

TherMiQ is split into four main work packages:

  1. WP1: Single-shot quantum statistical mechanics (University of Oxford)

    – Generalisation of the second principle of thermodynamics using the single-shot approach to quantum statistical mechanics. Design of experimental test‐beds in quantum opto-mechanics.
    – Investigation of the quantitative relation between entanglement and majorisation theory. Investigation of the quantitative relation between quantum correlations and the “direction” of a thermodynamic process.

  2. WP2: Thermodynamic transformations and cycles in quantum meso-systems (ETH Zurich)

    – Design and experimental realisation of simple prototypes for quantum thermodynamic machines, exploiting the laws of quantum mechanics: implementations in hybrid quantum optomechanics and cold‐atom simulators.
    – Quantitative theoretical analysis of heat‐transport processes using out‐of‐equilibrium mesoscopic systems: optomechanical crystals and intra-cavity optical lattices.

  3. WP3: New diagnostic tools for thermometry of strongly correlated systems (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)

    – Design and experimental implementation of Faraday-interface-based and cavity-aided techniques for the thermometry and diagnostics of strongly correlated quantum systems.

  4. WP4: Optimal control of the thermodynamics of nonequilibrium meso-systems (Instituto Nanoscienze Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche Pisa)

    – Application of the theory of optimal control to the evolution of open mesoscopic systems: investigation of the optimal rate of change of thermodynamic parameters.
    – Application of the theory of optimal estimation to the characterisation of the thermodynamic phases of interacting quantum many‐body systems: design of theoretical schemes and performing of test‐bed experiments in quantum opto-mechanics.

  5. WP5 & WP6: Project Management & Dissemination, Collaboration and Exploitation (Queen’s University Belfast)

    – Management of the Consortium and implementation of the principles of governance of the collaboration
    – Setting and maintenance of the TherMiQ website.
    – Monitoring and encouragement of mobility of participants and resources.
    – Implementation of the plan for dissemination of the results of the project.