TherMiQ researchers set straight the arrow of time

Eric Lutz (FAU) and Mauro Paternostro (QUB), in collaboration with some long-term friends in Brazil, have demonstrated the thermodynamic irreversibility of quantum processes. The work is the first experimental confirmation that, even in quantum systems, time appears to have a preferred direction. The paper “Irreversibility and the Arrow of Time in a Quenched Quantum System”  is published in the prestigious pages of Physical Review Letters, and also received coverage from the popular science press with articles appearing in some of the top outlets, including IoP’s Physics World, APS’s PhysicsPhys.orgIFLScience, engadget, The International Business Times, and Science Alert.

This article is just the most recent ‘headline-making’ research from the TherMiQ consortium, and the future will surely promise more to come!