TherMiQ in the Media

TherMiQ’s research is reaching ever greater audiences! To start, an all TherMiQ effort between QUB and CNR-Pisa recently appeared in the prestigious Physical Review Letters: Shortcut to Adiabaticity in the LMG modelThe work, which proposes a novel, and robust approach to controlling many-body systems, gained great coverage in the popular science website It was also featured on (for the Italian speakers among us) and

Meanwhile, Luis, Mohammad and Anna from the UAB team, in collaboration with Gerardo Adesso from the University of Nottingham, made big news with their PRL: Individual Quantum Probes for Optimal ThermometryThey characterise the smallest and most accurate thermometer allowed by the laws of physics, a remarkable achievement that saw articles on and APS Physics Focus.
But the attention didn’t stop there, some 40+ other news articles have since appeared discussing the paper!